Petty and Outrageous

No cost is too high for these school districts to keep a buck. And you can quote me on that.

I went to plenty of school board meetings last year and a few State Board of Ed meetings. All of the local school administrators and most (but not all) of their board members towed the line “We have no standing in the courts and we don’t want to sue parents. But, we assure you THIS isn’t about money.”

Well, that line seems to have worn out pretty quickly didn’t it? It didn’t take Lehman and Burden (the Dumb and Dumber of Oklahoma’s Educational System) long to decide, “You know what?… Let’s sue someone over 3393! We’re losing money here!”

“Yeah, yeah! Who?”

“Well, I was thinking the parents.” The “I” here really meaning his attorney Doug Mann because Kirby can’t come up with a big enough gaffe all on his own.

“Yeah, yeah Dr. Kirby. Sounds good. Count us in.”

So, I ask you… Are these school districts awash in so much cash that they are willing to spend their “hard earned” general fund on frivolous legal action? I mean, really? They must have a glut of teachers? A glut of school space? A glut of income SOMEWHERE in those two districts to warrant suing parents, right? They’re going to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of six figures to avoid forgoing the far lesser amount of money the State will spend on special education transfers (HB3393).

Think about that… They’re going to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of six figures to avoid forgoing a far lesser amount of money the State will spend on special education transfers (HB3393).

Ergo – No cost is too high for these school districts to keep a buck.

These school districts could have brought suit against the State of Oklahoma. It’s the State’s law. What have these parents done to the Districts? Oh… wait… the parents sued the Districts. Huh. Now, isn’t that interesting?

Could the Districts be THAT vindictive? Seriously?

Ask yourself… Why WOULD the Districts bring suit against THESE parents? What other reason would they have of singling out these parents and not including the State of Oklahoma?

Well, it could be to put fear into the hearts and minds of the families considering availing their special needs students of HB3393. Could be…

It could be they ARE that vindictive. Could be…

It could be they’re itching to get their asses handed to them by the public at large. Why they’d want their asses handed to them is anyone’s guess. Maybe they didn’t get enough of it last year. Could be…

It could be they simply want to piss off Oklahoma City so badly they’re willing to go to crazy lengths to get some attention from the chief muckety muck’s office. Could be…

I don’t pretend to know what’s going through Lehman’s and Burden’s minds right now. Glee? Euphoria? “Yeah, Dr. Kirby, we stuck it to those parents THIS time!” perhaps… But, I can tell you this, they’re messing with our kids’ futures again. Futures that were enabled in a lawful, good spirited, well intentioned, CONSTITUTIONAL way.

Many of us have seen DRAMATIC turn arounds in the past year for our students. Have these public school districts done ANYTHING to tout how much better their programs are today than when we chose to vote with our feet? Simply – No, they have not. Because their ability to serve our special needs children has NOT improved this past year. They’d rather fight for dollars than deliver on their mission. They’re accustomed to siphoning off inordinate amounts of money and ANY time ANY of their graft slips away… they are NOT above suing parents to try and scare the beejeezus out of the families.

What they are doing is 100% petty and outrageous.

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HB3393: Here We Go (Again)

Jenks and Union school districts have chosen bring suit against parents over 3393. They did NOT name the State in the suit. Which is interesting in and of itself.

As reported in the news last night and today.
(sorry if that link requires a password of you)

Just to let everyone know… yes, things ARE happening in the background. Lots of wheels in motion.

But, please, don’t assume everyone knows every little detail of what’s going on. If you hear or experience something with regard to 3393 please, please, please let me know so I can pass it along to the right people or connect you directly with them. One thing we had going for us last year was a VERY fluid and well orchestrated opposition to the districts. We owe it to our families and the new families enjoying 3393 as much if not more of a vigorous fight this time around.

~ Gerald

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Becket Fund brings suit for more information

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The Suit

Don’t know much at this point other than parents around the Tulsa area brought suit against several of the Tulsa area districts. Not much to say at this point as the Tulsa World is quoting Doug Man as having no comment until all Districts are served with the suit.

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TPS Rescinds their Motion of 10/18/2010

There are few words that can describe the mixed emotions of hearing TPS Board delivered a unanimous vote to rescind their contentious motion of October 18, 2010.

So many things changed along the way. The parents banded together and put up a solid offense for their students. The State of Oklahoma now has a Republican Governor, a Republican Attorney General and a Republican State Congress and appears in no mood to have a rogue handful of school boards thumbing their noses at the law. And, finally, the writs of ouster seem to be delivering a fair bit of reality checks too.

What didn’t change, however, is the school board’s sentiment. TPS Superintendent still maintains he thinks the law is unconstitutional. So, it’s clear his “principles” upon which he based his recommendation to BREAK THE LAW (backed by flimsy legal counsel I might add) are unchanged. However, some moment of good faith has overcome this board. Why? Why now? Why not before?

Well, if you follow their “logic”… The legislature is reconsidering and going back to the drawing board. And that’s somehow news? All we heard in September, October and November from Rep. Nelson was he was intent on taking this back to tighten the law. That this was a starting point and that the districts were welcome and encouraged to bring their points to the table.

So, in that sense… NOTHING changed at all. Except we’re where we should have been all along. Which, while maddening, is better than seeing so many deserving students denied the opportunity to thrive in more welcoming and suitable environments.

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KTUL8 Segment on Michael Farrell & Owasso

KTUL channel 8 finally did right by out 3393 students. Michael, you did an amazing job!

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Congrats Janet Baressi – Our new State Superintendent.

If our kids paid attention to such things they’d probably be smiling large right about now. Politically, they’ve been handed a promising outcome tonight.

The focus now returns to getting the Law front and center and forcing the districts into compliance.

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